Posted by: Meg | 31 March 2006

the executioner’s last songs

last night bryn mawr hosted a truly incredible show.  jon langford, sally timms, tony maimone and jean cook (i don't think they have a collective name) put on what is probably the best thing to ever happen in thomas great hall unless at some point they sensibly shot some harry potter scenes there featuring a long, long monologue by professor snape.  but i digress.

the death penalty is my pet issue (everyone here has one) and i was hoping that they would speak more about it.  instead they discussed through song, words and art the history of langford, of the mekons, of nashville's screwing of country music. 

i hung on to one of the things they said over everything else.  country music used to be filled with death songs, murder ballads, maddening violence.  and now it's tepid.  and people are killing each other more.  now i'm sure you could argue with that many ways.  studies have apparently (my mom told me, i haven't seen them) shown a link between violent video games and real-life violence.  also a lot of people that are killing are not listening to tepid country.  but i still believe that the link provides a lot to think about.  

much later in the night i asked langford about his favorite "killing your woman song," as i know that my boyfriend seems to love "killing your woman" songs and langford could obviously offer suggestions.  he went through the entire tracklisting of the executioner's last songs volume one and trust me, i am glad i picked it up.  "tom dooley" is hella slaying me AS WE SPEAK.

i'm looking forward to getting more of sally timms' music because she definitely had me in tears after one song, she has an incredible voice and i can prolly count on one hand how many womens' voices i really like.  

also langford bears an incredibly striking resemblance to my senior english teacher in high school which really weirded me out all night long.  
this is a really great article about langford and the cd, although i haven't checked out the rest of the site so i'm not endorsing that: musicians against the death penalty


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