Posted by: Meg | 1 April 2006

i’ll be cancelling my spin subscription

or since it's not worth it to make the effort to cancel it, i'll just be letting it run out.  why, you ask?  this:

Want to heat up your sex life?  Looking to broaden your horizons?  Need help with a problem?  Just ask Joanna Angel, Spin magazine's brand new sex columnist.  Joanna is the world's hottest star and the founder of alternative porn site  Each month she will be lending Spin readers a helping hand with the stickiest of problems.

no thanks.  how about you fuckfaces concentrate on reporting on music, please?  i thought suicide girls was pathetic until i checked out this website.  uh, lame.  plus this woman looks like she's a fifteen year old gutterslut.  jesus christ, just buy the rights to dan savage.  you fucking know you want to.  actually spin probably couldn't get away with dan savage.  this is going to be the tamest (lamest?) "edgy" sex column ever.


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