Posted by: Meg | 4 April 2006

i love this man

i think.

steve albini

probably i don't. i haven't decided. i definitely never imagined he was like this though (big black final tour diary by steve albini). i haven't decided if i want to believe it. i know he's got a rep for being an asshole but somehow i imagined this cute misunderstood boy-man rather than a serious guy who admits he likes kiddie porno and weird greedy prostitutes.

my socpop professor played "prayer to god" to our class earlier this semester and it was the first time i'd heard it when i wasn't by myself. people laughed, and my body seized up, i just couldn't understand how anyone could laugh at it. i wanted to cry. alone in my room it seemed like the most heartrending song anyone had ever written, and open in this dank classroom, with a bunch of laughing kids, i didn't know what to do.

to the one true god above, here is my prayer
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