Posted by: Meg | 4 April 2006

new chili peppers single, “dani california”

ok, so i was huge into the chili peppers once and i still like them a lot.  but this is impressing me

stream ‘dani california’

i had read that they really liked what they were doing, but i had no idea it’d be this good.  anthony kiedis’ voice is like his own but better, and the guitar is rough at times but still noodly during the solo so it’s perfect.  john frusciante is my anti-drug (really, you should see the vh1 behind the music, it broke my cold little heart) and i LOVE hearing him pull shit off.  i really like the way the chorus works in this one. 

you would think the california theme would be getting old.  i can’t imagine actually being a californian and being into them.  i feel like it would get old.  it’s different if someone was like “oh pennsylvania” because nobody cares about pennsylvania.  the spotlight of the country is on california.  *shrugs*

ooh soon i’m going to be a californian, and i can be snobby about these things from there instead of from here.

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  1. I have been a huge fan for years. I have all of their albums from “Freaky Style” to By the Way”. I really didn’t like the new single very well un til I listened to it a couple of times. I think it is great. Can’t wait until Stadium Arcadiums comes out. I LOVE THE CHILI PEPPERS!!!!!!

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