Posted by: Meg | 23 April 2006

it’s official

holy shit, they’re back.  i mean, i knew it was coming.  and i knew it was always coming, that billy couldn’t really do anything else (zwan sucked, his poetry book sucked, etc.) and that he could always reform the band because he IS the band.  but it’s like, all of a sudden i’m fifteen and crying again.  i’d love to see these douchebags in concert.  i feel all heavy-hearted and beautiful in that pink-ribboned way.  it immediately brings to mind the middle/high school bedroom i shut myself in every night, the bad poetry i wrote, the smell of davidoff cool water woman (that smell still makes me throw a wobbly every time i get near it.)  it reminds me of vomiting in the mornings and feeling ugly and playing set the ray to jerry and the aeroplane flies high over and over and over and over.  i guess i have nothing useful to say about it, really, and i didn’t want to write “that kind” of blog, something really personal, except that i want to remember just what i thought when they really announced it.  the record probably won’t be good.  they won’t make another siamese dream.  and it’s going to be tainted, no matter what happens.  but it doesn’t matter right now.  it’s that super sweet heart logo.  it’s all wonderful and shit.  i don’t know.  that’s it. 


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