Posted by: Meg | 25 April 2006

what goes around, comes around

what goes around comes around on youtube

fuck you haters, it’s awesome. i mean, the video is okay. but the song is really good. if i wasn’t a coke devotee already, i would be now.

it’s interesting because a certain dude from a certain band came to our class yesterday talking about all the shit they license their music to and saying that this is going to be the new trend in music, that artists are going to HAVE to start selling out to pay the rent. i was pretty skeptical (i don’t know that licensing your song to “the real cancun” is worth however much they paid, seriously) and i don’t think this changes my mind. i’m sure that money was foremost on jack white’s mind; he may be god but he’s hardly perfect. however, he didn’t sell a stripes song to coke here. he wrote a little ditty that prolly took him a day and prolly paid him really, really well. and it’s so great. it doesn’t say “oh gimme gimme a coke” or something stupid like that. i wish they’d put that out in america, it’s terrific.

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