Posted by: Meg | 3 July 2006

my life, today

a 128 oz. bottle of malibu

fifty books to read

forty-seven completed applications

thirty gb of music

eleven t-shirts

seven spam emails

six skirts

five episodes of “king of the hill”

three ugly pairs of pants

two pairs of reasonable pants

two flip-flop pairs

two interviews

two tickets to see tool

two pairs of dress flats

two sets of pearls

one tweed jacket

one pair of sneakers

one pair of denim capris

one shower

one unproductive phone call

one turkey sandwich

one unuseable stove (thus no cooked food)
no real emails

no ice cream

no job

no prospects



  1. there’s a lot of good on this list.

    as for the rest, remember the sage words of Professor Julia Gaisser: nihil desperandum.

    Hang in there, kiddo. Good things are on the way. For what it’s worth, I love you and miss you fiercely. I will write you a real email soon and tell you about how I spent 36 bewildering hours in california this past weekend. (surprise?)

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