Posted by: Meg | 8 August 2006

tool at selland arena, fresno; 6 august 2006

if they hadn’t played aenima i’d say they aren’t worth seeing.  i realized why i hated tool to begin with: ninety percent of their fans are complete meatheaded fuckwads that couldn’t put two ideas together to draw a conclusion of their own if maynard’s life depended on it.  it took fifty minutes to get out of the (pretty small) parking lot and ten minutes to drive home.  the parking lot was a clusterfuck of drunk, stoned douchebags yelling and honking and barely missing each other’s cars.  also some shirtless wrestling featuring all sorts of bottles left in the parking lot from the pre-show drink-up.  it’s sad really, because they don’t deserve to have such fuckwitted fans.  the drummer was totally wild and keeping time with tool is insane – you could tell the fans with a modicum of intelligence or at least rote memory because their headbanging changed with the time signatures.

i was disappointed that maynard’s voice wasn’t clear.  and i don’t think it was the sound system – it was clear for songs like “the pot.”

all in all, i thought that it was going to be the greatest thing ever and i think it squeeked by with a “pretty good.”


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