Posted by: Meg | 9 August 2006

you are ahead by a century.

it’s not today that we find out, it’s tomorrow. i’m too anxious, really. i’m going to be totally crushed if we don’t get it, because i swear to you there’s no place better at this price, or even a hundred more, if we had it, which we don’t.

i should really change this blog to pacific time. somehow it feels really sad to have it on eastern time.

every day i thank god that my job goes so fast. and i’m sort of caught up – should i feel glad that it goes fast, or should i actually be enjoying those eight-and-a-half hours (including lunch) because they are a huge, huge part of my life. speaking strictly about time, and not meaningfullness.

first thing we’ll climb a tree, then maybe then we’ll talk
or sit silently and listen to our thoughts

illusions of someday casting a golden light

no dress rehearsal, this is our life


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