Posted by: Meg | 16 August 2006

my life is listing

to the side.

i’m so anxious to get started on moving into our apartment.  i just love it SO MUCH and i can’t wait to be about thirty seconds from work.  i’ve made a list, etc.  our families are coming through with tons of stuff so hopefully we won’t have to buy much.  i miss my mom’s kitchenaid mixer though.  that thing’s the fucking best.  i’m definitely getting a handmixer but it seems so weird.  i’ve never used one of those before.

i’m reading foucault’s “discipline and punish” right now and it’s fantastic.

yesterday was cris’ birthday.  we’d done most of the celebrating already though; last night we went out to this really cheesy chain bar.  i overheard a girl at another table say “oh the other night when we were drinking at friday’s…” for real 😐  who the hell goes to t.g.i. friday’s to drink unless it’s because you don’t want to take some friends to your regular and you’re stuck for a place to go.  or because you want some vegetable medlaayy.

i just watched the end of “angels in the outfield” and i had no idea how heavyhanded and carefully non-sectarianally christian that movie is.

i need to read some more books.   i’m losing my edge.


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