Posted by: Meg | 31 August 2006

mtv get off the air pt. 892

enough about why the vma’s suck.  it’s not that the vma’s suck: it’s that mtv sucks.  not even my two favorite jacks (white, and black) could save these wretched hours.  i guess i don’t like rap, or cheap pop, and that makes me prejudiced against it.  videos suck now.  major bands suck now.  fuck that fucking ok go thing on the little treadmills.  jessica simpson apparently can’t talk to save her life.  i don’t blame snoop dogg for drinking.  this shit is pathetic.  i can’t believe they got the raconteurs to sign up for this.

one of my favorite things to watch on youtube is the smashing pumpkins’ performance of “disarm” during a nineties vma.  it moves me.  it’s rough and yowly and yet, since it’s off siamese dream, it retains a little of its ethereality.  is that how people feel about “haven’t you people ever heard of closing the god! damn door”?  is it REALLY?  what is that fucking song telling you about you and about people and about your heart of hearts?

in other news, we got our move-in date; next saturday.  that’s the shit about living in a brand-new apartment; sometimes it takes a little longer to get all the construction done.  which is ok, because i’m feeling kind of sick and i’m trying to work through it so i can sleep through the long weekend maybe.  probably go see macbeth again this weekend.


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