Posted by: Meg | 28 October 2006

the faithful departed

we saw “the departed” today.  it was great; and yet part of me wonders if i think it was great because it is, or if it was just because there hasn’t been anything at the theater in a couple of months i even remotely wanted to see.  anyway it was positively delicious and i about lost my shit.  mark wahlberg is wonderful, leonardo dicaprio sold me, and whenever i see matt damon all i can think about is “team america” and saying “matt damon” so he’s pretty much lost to me.  i loved LOVED the scene where bill & the shrink are making out to the roger waters version of “comfortably numb.”  at the end i came out and i felt tired from just being so on edge the whole movie. 

there was a commercial before it for some movie about the dixie chicks that’s coming out, and i started crying.  i always start crying when i think about the dixie chicks.  it’s that part in that song where she wonders what kind of a world we live in when we encourage our children to hate celebrities they (and we) will never meet.  and that someone threatened her life.  it’s just this stupid blind devotion that some have to a president they’ll never meet, and is doing nothing but bad for them. 

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