Posted by: Meg | 29 October 2006

rush limbaugh speaks for himself

i was spoiled at bryn mawr. when i went to the fresno fair a couple of weeks ago there was a booth promoting proposition 85 (which says, for you non-californians, that an underage female must get parental permission to have an abortion) and my first reaction was to laugh. to LAUGH. i thought it was a JOKE. why would you want to prevent a female from doing, SAFELY, what she feels needs to be done with her own body? instead, you want to run her to a coathanger/starvation/excessive drinking or drugs/etc?

i’m disgusted even MORE now that i’m surrounded by these people. are they somehow superhuman? do none of them know a person with parkinson’s? and i’m not saying this because knowing a person with parkinson’s should directly correlate to support of stem cell research – it’s a complicated issue – but knowing someone with parkinson’s should directly correlate with realizing that a person suffering from this disease is just that, a PERSON, and limbaugh’s recreation of said affliction, pushes limbaugh’s actions past the edge of decency and that fucking MORALITY championed so often by these republicans.

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