Posted by: Meg | 25 November 2006

i’m a little bit in love…

with wine?

i’ve been reading mjk’s journal at the homepage for caduceus, his winery. it’s actually a little bit moving, or inspiring, or something.  you can tell that he just loves it so much.  so much that i almost wonder if he’s going to give up the tunes to be there for crush time every year.

i wish something moved me that much.  something interesting anyway, and complicated, and challenging, and meaningful, and productive.

anyways, back to the point, as he says, how many rockstars do you know that own a backhoe and a forklift?  and he got some of his first grapes from around paso robles so i’m definitely within like twenty degrees of mjk.

anyway, someone with $88 go buy a bottle in my honor.

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