Posted by: Meg | 31 December 2006

so it’s december 31st again

and this has been perhaps the most surprising one of the lot.

i feel like i JUST moved here – and really we’ve been in this apartment for months. which i only just realized with my complete reluctance to clean out the downstairs closet – we just throw everything in there. i’ve been at my job now for pushing six months.

i have been entering rubber stamp orders for six months.

and really that’s the crux of it. graduating from fucking BRYN MAWR and nearly killing myself (or at least rendering myself catatonic) in the process has been completely overshadowed by the completely banal ways i fill my days. don’t get me wrong – i am totally thankful i found this job – fresno has absolutely fuck all in terms of jobs requiring something beyond a g.e.d. and this job pays well, has great benefits, and i can truly say all of the people i work with are, well most of them are really great and the rest are all quite good.

but it is fucking boring.

i’m going to apply to do my master’s in library science/information technology with drexel online, so i can keep this job and yet if we decide to move we can do it quite independently of that degree. i’m reluctant to do it, that’s for sure – i feel like i’m copping out on a film/cultural studies degree. but i know that the feeling that i’m 22 and my life is over is going to smother me as i sit so i’d better do something. god knows i can still do film studies when i’m thirty. even if i don’t know it.

other than that, just all the general resolutions – start playing guitar again, write more frequently, read more (a lot more) and finally fucking finish “people’s history of the united states,” which i received for christmas last year and as it stands, is only a third of the way finished. compile frequently used recipes & recipes from my mom into something useful. maybe make a website to house the crow annotations i worked on in graphic novel class – the only website like that hasn’t been updated in a while and isn’t as complete as my list.

and get some fucking fresnan bartender to learn to make me a red death.

at any rate, happy new year to all, and to all a good & safe night tonight.



  1. love love love!

    My boss at Guild (you may remember him), Mike Zarro, has been doing the MLIS at Drexel online for a while. Tomorrow he leaves BMC for good to become a full-time student once again. I’m kind of scared to imagine the ETC without him.

    I’ve been spending entirely too much time (and yet not enough at all) reading for my thesis. All of Prof. Horne’s recommendations so far have been spot-on. It’s pretty cool, though the line between hypertext and cyberpoetry is a blurry distinction, and it’s going to be really fucking weird if i have to tell people I’m writing my thesis on poetry. Something about that just makes me laugh. But so it is.

    All the best for a productive and fulfilling 2007. Rock on!

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