Posted by: Meg | 1 May 2007

i was faxing shit today

and i hear this sound that sounds like some birds or something… and i knew exactly what it was, because nobody else on the radio can play guitar like that.

fuckin’ icky thump! i didn’t even know it was coming out today! of course i ran home as fast as possible to d/l it from itunes. it’s #5 on most popular songs right now as of about ten minutes ago…! and seven nation army made it back on the chart! although i must say, mr. white fucking whomps it on this song, making army look a bit moot. not that it’s not a good song, but… jesus christ. it’s like he’s been waiting his whole career to show off a bit and finally, FINALLY, we see it.

it absolutely, hands down, made my day.


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